Open 8:00 am Monday thru Saturday

(951) 244-2257

Pet grooming of all breeds.  Certified Groomer.  Proudly serving
the Inland Empire area, Southern California

Just For Paws has over 50 years combined grooming experience.
We have groomed dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes and colors in the
Canyon Lake since 1980. 

As a Groomer, I will make the grooming experience pleasant
for both the pets and the owners.

If you are looking for grooming services where your pet will be genuinely
loved and cared for, you've found the place!

Professional grooming services at an affordable price.

You may ask yourself, “How often should my pet be groomed?”
The problem is that there is no simple, clear-cut answer. 
Every pet is different and every situation is different.  At Just For Paws,
we usually recommend 8-12 weeks, or until you just can't stand the smell
of your pet any longer.

Just For Paws was inspired by the unconditional love that all pets so willingly give. 
What would we do without them? Your pet will be in a calm, quiet,
low-stress environment with lots of care and one-on-one attention.

We love our pets and will treat yours like one of our own! Just For Paws will do
the best to provide every client with a pleasant and informative experience with us. 
Safety, comfort, and cleanliness are a priority at all times because we know that
you value your pet like a member of the family.

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